Rug Rules

I was at the Las Vegas Market last week looking for new lines, great designs and the latest trends in the home furnishing world. Theses were the most unusual and interesting pieces I saw.  Can you guess what they are? 
Baltic Felt Rug

They are hand woven felted wool rugs. I only wish they were not hanging on the wall so I can feel them under my feet.

Area rug is a fairly new line for our store. I always love to see the new rugs every season at the trade shows.  From design, size, material to construction, there are many decisions to be made before deciding on a rug for the room. I thought a few guidelines would really help with the first step of rug purchasing decision – size.

Here are a few common rules on rug placement:

  • Living room sitting area ~ front legs on the rug and back legs off. A rug can really help group various furniture pieces and give the room a cohesive look.
  • Dinning Room ~ 24″ around the table. This would let all chairs be on the rug when in use.  Its just not as comfortable sitting on an uneven chair during a meal. 
  • Bed room ~ 12″ to 18″ around the bed with nightstands off the rug. You would want to start the rug in front of the night stand and have at least 12″ on both sides and the end of the bed.  18″ or more around a queen or king size bed is better proportionally. 
  • Entire room ~ If you want a rug to ground an entire room, leave about 18″ of bare floor around the rug. This distance can be reduced for a smaller room, but you would want a floor border all the way around. 

Area rugs are like clothes, they can dress up or down a space and change the look of a room completely with different colors, patterns and textures. With these basic sizing rules, I hope you are inspired to warm up and add style to your bare floor room with a beautiful area rug.

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